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I'm a Wedding Photographer



Wedding Photographer

Hi! My names Matt and this is my beautiful girlfriend Alissa

I sat in front of my computer for hours wondering how I would write my ‘About Me’ page. I thought about following the trend of the stereotypical photographer and writing in third person about all these talents that I like to think I have, or something along the lines that the creative juices have been running through my body all my life, and that I have dreamed about being a photographer since a young age. I could have taken this approach, I almost did! But, would that really describe who I am? Nope, I would be lying.

I’ll be totally honest with you, I never dreamed about being a wedding photographer. From as young as I can remember, right through to my teenage years, I never tried to be creative. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, it was because I was never good at it. I was never good at art, or creative writing, it was never something that interested me because I didn’t think I would be any good at it. It’s funny how the human mind works, I was of the opinion that my mind only worked in analytical ways, so throughout my schooling life, I naturally played to my strengths.

It wasn’t until I was 21 when I hinted to my lovely girlfriend that I wanted a digital SLR camera for my birthday that I really started to see things in a new light. I can’t really remember why I wanted it, but I never dreamed that what I have achieved would come from it. I’m sure my girlfriend didn’t as well, she may even regret it as she has to put up with me nonstop talking about photography. It didn’t take me long to realise that a camera was meant to be in my hand. It was truly something special. I don’t know whether it was the challenge of working out how to take images but I finally found a creative outlet that I was good at.

My photographic journey all started by capturing stories around another passion of mine, which is the automotive and motorsport world. I began to cover car meets and track days throughout Sydney and I was noticed for my abilities and became an Accredited Confederation of Australia Motorsport photographer. My work was also published in a variety of different automotive website and magazines throughout Australia and the world.

In 2009 I continued to push my photography endeavours and began to capture major motorsport events such as the Shannon’s Nationals series, Drift Australia and the Bathurst 12hr. My friends always asked me if I would ever photograph weddings and my first reaction was no way. However, at the end of 2009 I went back on my own words when a close friend of mine asked me to assist as a second shooter at a wedding and I was instantly hooked.

Instead of capturing the emotion of a car through a corner, or the reaction of a driver getting in the zone for a big race, I had the ability and power to capture emotions on a couple’s most important day. Although the two subjects are completely different, the concept of photography is no different, it’s still about capturing moments, telling stories and describing events through imagery. But the personal satisfaction of producing stunning images on a wedding day is so much more rewarding than any motorsport image I have ever captured.

Three years after embarking on this journey as a wedding photographer, I’m so grateful that I get to call this my “job” and I would love the opportunity to capture your special day.

I am based in the Inner west of Sydney, but will happily travel anywhere in NSW, Australia or the world!

Be sure to check out my wedding photography blog for my latest work as well as my pricing page.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me anytime, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading,

Matthew Mead

Here is a selection of images that best describe my passion and the story of my life:

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