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Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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Who will be shooting my wedding?

Me, Myself and I! Some wedding photographers will refer to themselves as a ‘team’ or ‘studio’, and may or may not, have other employees, however, I work alone, unless of course, you decide to hire a second shooter with your package.

Are you a member of the AIPP?

No, and I have chosen not to be a member. I believe photography is subjective, and so I don’t believe that photographers need to pay a company to determine whether or not their photos reach an industry standard. I put much more stock in what my clients think, and as long as my clients continue to be happy with the images being produced, I feel that I have achieved more than I could being a member of the AIPP.

What gear do you use?

3 x Nikon D750
16-35 f4
24-70 f2.8
70-200 f2.8
35mm f1.4
50mm f1.4
85mm f1.4
2 x sb910 Flashes

We would like to meet you?

That is no problem at all! I typically meet couples on weeknights at my Marrickville office. If you are unable to meet in person, I can also arrange Skype meetings at your convenience.

Will you hold our date while we decide?

Sorry, I do not hold dates. Paying a deposit is the only way to secure a date.

How do we book?

To secure your date, I require a $1000 deposit and a signed contract. Once both are submitted, your date is locked in.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. If you would like a copy of my public liability insurance for your reception venue, please, let me know.

How much coverage do we need?
I think the 10 hour mark is ideal. This allows you to get coverage of both the bride and groom prep all the way through to the midway point of the reception. After that the party gets pretty messy!

Do you shoot solo or with a second shooter?

The majority of the time I shoot solo. If you would like a second shooter, that is not a problem, I offer the option of second shooters. I will usually suggest a second shooter if your wedding has more than 250 guests, or if the logistics of the wedding make it difficult for me to cover both bride and groom prep. I offer second shooters for either a half-day, or a full day. If you would like advice on this please, do not hesitate to ask.

How many photos will we receive in the end?

This is dependent on the length and activity of your wedding. I typically deliver between 600-1000 images. I will deliver in both colour and black & white, so the number will double.

What is the turn around time for images?

With each session I shoot, I will deliver an online slideshow, and an online gallery, as well as a USB or digital download link, depending on the size of the session. The time frames I aim for are:

The online slideshow is made live, 2-3 weeks after your session.

4-5 weeks after your session, the online gallery is made live, and I will send out the USB, or the digital download at the same time.

Do you retouch all the photos we receive?

Yes, I retouch all the photos. Most of the time this just means that I colour correct to ensure the exposure and white balance is correct, and then I spin my magic to add that something special to give your images extra charm.

I am also happy to clone out small blemishes, however serious air brushing and remodeling is much more time consuming, and will therefore be charged at an additional per hour rate.

How will we receive the photos?

The online slideshow is delivered via a personal web link, and you can share this with whomever you please.

The online gallery is also delivered via web link, however this is password protected, and you can share the password if you wish, however, all these images will also be provided to you.

For weddings, since there are typically more photos, I will send an USB with all edited photos in jpeg format. I provide both Hi Res and Low Res files. Hi Res files are 5000 pixels wide at 300dpi, and are perfect for getting prints made. Low Res files are optimised for Facebook at 2048 pixels wide at 96dpi.

For elopements, pre-weddings and family shoots, I deliver edited photos via digital download in jpeg format. I only provide Hi Res files for these shoots, 5000 pixels wide at 300dpi.

Do you keep a backup?

Yes, I have a complicated back up system that ensures your memories are safe. It includes both on-site and off-site back up as well as online back up. I take a lot of pride in ensuring nothing happens to your treasured memories.

RAW files are kept for 6 months after delivering the edited JPEGs.

Do you do engagement / pre wedding shoots?

Yes, and I thoroughly enjoy shooting them. I highly recommend them for all my couples. Not only does it allow you to get some nice photos of you as a couple, it is also a great way for you to get comfortable with me, and give you a rough idea of what to expect from the location portion of your wedding day.

Do you offer albums?

No, I’m sorry I don’t.

Do you offer prints?

No, I’m sorry I don’t. I prefer to concentrate on giving you awesome photos of your special day. I will happily recommend places for you to get your prints done.

Do you charge for travel fees?

Yes I do, if a wedding is further than 1 hour out of the Sydney CBD. I have fixed travel costs for different regions, and these are included on my price list. If you would like my full price list please, send me an email.

How much time do we need for location portion of the day?

In my experience, the optimum time for the location portion of the day is 60-90 mins. However, if you are hiring a videographer as well, I recommend extending this time to 90-120 mins, as they also need to ensure they get their shots. I also recommend factoring in extra time for the location shots, due to things outside of anyone’s control that happen throughout the day. These can affect time. Travel time is also important to remember, it can sometimes take 10 mins just to get a full bridal party out of the car.

Do you shoot family photos at the wedding?

Yes, these are some of the most important photos at a wedding. I usually suggest taking family photos after the ceremony. In the lead up to the wedding I encourage you to make a list so that no family members are missed.

Do we need to give you a shot list of photos we want?

You can if you would like to, however, my specialty is candid photos, and I prefer to go with the flow, instead of having to refer to a list, since generally what is on the list, are things that I would be sure to capture anyway.

Do you offer videography?

No I don’t. I’m a big believer in focusing on one thing, and ensuring that I deliver that to the best of my ability. I have worked with videographers before. On my vendor list I have a few whom I highly recommend as we have a similar style and work well together.


Wedding Photography FAQ